is hybrid available  everywhere for every service with advantages for everyone fully integrated in Teams

The future proof and modern client desk

Microsoft technology enables secure, easy and trusted client contacts. For hybrid service provisioning

The many advantages to being able to contact one’s municipality remote

100 % secure, and therefore BIO compliant. Equally important, it is personal and tailored to both clients and employees.​

Modern service provisioning that fits the needs of today

Covid19 has not created the need for digital services but it has reinforced it. The digital desk offers an excellent opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the distance to the citizen!

Easy and secure contact with citizens

Setting up a meeting​

Clients can use Planner to set up meetings online, that are directly entered in the employee’s diary. A confirmation is sent to the client, with a link to the diary details.​

Having the meeting​

When the meeting is held, documents can be shared. Identification using DigID and payments via iDeal can be added optinally.​

Processing the meeting’s results​

Municipal employees can review the meeting’s documents afterwards, and approve them to start follow-up processes.​

Four steps to a digital service provisioning


​ We do an intake, to take stock of your municipality’s needs.

This enables us to fit the digital desk into your workflow seamlessly, and ensure alignment with the services you offer. You don’t have to digitize everything, but likely much more is possible than you think. We will find out together!


We offer a transparent price model with additional services as options.

So you’ll know exactly what you pay for, and will be able to make informed choices as to which services you wish to buy.​


We set up the digital desk with digital services in your house style

This enables you to communicate with citizens and businesses in a way they know and trust. We make sure that you meet all your security demands.​


We will guide and work with you on technical implementation and commissioning

Thus, you will have the support you need, to use the digital desk trouble-free, right from the start.​

The advantages for The Digidesk

Improved services​​

Improved user experience​​

Efficient, inexpensive, sustainable​​

Employee perspective

The Microsoft Teams application​​

De Digidesk is 100% secure!

Security, privacy, compliancy​

The Digidesk was developed in close collaboration with Microsoft experts. We can therefore guarantee the best security imaginable, for identification, secure connections, secure document exchange, secure logging and more. We will check these with your Ciso, to make sure we can deliver on this promise for the full 100 %.​

Curious about De Digibalie? ​